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Easter Bunny Tracker - FAQs

Last updated: January 25, 2023

Hi! You've got lots of questions about Easter, our Easter Bunny Tracker, the Easter Bunny, and we're got lots of answers!

v6.0 FAQs

There's so much that's new! The tracker features a brand new user interface with a slicker and more modern design. The Easter Bunny now stops at each stop while retaining our world-class stop accuracy. The settings modal has gotten lots of love and has been improved for a better experience. We've improved our stop accuracy even more this year, made the tracker even smoother by default, and added ads to the tracker to support the increasing costs.

Yes. Any settings you had previously set for v5 will be carried over to v6. If your default map zoom level was 12 or higher, it'll be reduced to 11 to account for the new stop arrival animations.

Easter Calendar FAQs

Easter 2023 occurs on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

This means that the Easter Bunny will start making final preparations on Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 2:00 AM EDT. These final preparations will take three hours.

The Easter Bunny will lift off from Easter Island on Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 5:00 AM EDT, and we will start tracking the Easter Bunny at this time.

The Easter Bunny will return home to Easter Island on Saturday, April 9, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT.

Easter 2024 occurs on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

This means that the Easter Bunny will start making final preparations on Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 2:00 AM EDT. These final preparations will take three hours.

The Easter Bunny will lift off from Easter Island on Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 5:00 AM EDT, and we will start tracking the Easter Bunny at this time.

The Easter Bunny will return home to Easter Island on Sunday, March 31, 2024 at 6:00 AM EDT.

Easter 2025 occurs on Sunday, April 20, 2025.

This means that the Easter Bunny will start making final preparations on Saturday, April 19, 2025 at 2:00 AM EDT. These final preparations will take three hours.

The Easter Bunny will lift off from Easter Island on Saturday, April 19, 2025 at 5:00 AM EDT, and we will start tracking the Easter Bunny at this time.

The Easter Bunny will return home to Easter Island on Sunday, April 20, 2025 at 6:00 AM EDT.

Easter 2026 occurs on Sunday, April 5, 2026.

This means that the Easter Bunny will start making final preparations on Saturday, April 4, 2026 at 2:00 AM EDT. These final preparations will take three hours.

The Easter Bunny will lift off from Easter Island on Saturday, April 4, 2026 at 5:00 AM EDT, and we will start tracking the Easter Bunny at this time.

The Easter Bunny will return home to Easter Island on Sunday, April 5, 2026 at 6:00 AM EDT.

Easter Bunny Tracker FAQs

For 2023, the Easter Bunny will start making final preparations on April 8, 2023 at 2:00 AM EDT, and we will start the tracker at this time. These final preparations will take three hours.

The Easter Bunny will lift off from Easter Island on April 8, 2023 at 5:00 AM EDT, and we'll start tracking the Easter Bunny's movements at this time!

The Easter Bunny will return back home to Easter Island on April 9, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT. provides real-time updates on the Easter Bunny's whereabouts every second for the 25 hours that the Easter Bunny is making deliveries. The Easter Bunny starts making deliveries west of the international date line, slowly progressing west across the world until returning to Easter Island.

The Easter Bunny will arrive at your home sometime between 9 PM and 2 AM local time. Make sure that you are asleep when the Easter Bunny comes, as if you are not, the Easter Bunny may not be able to deliver your baskets and eggs.

You can keep tabs on when the Easter Bunny is estimated to arrive in the next stop box. If there is no arrival estimate, check the tracker settings to make sure the arrival estimate time is on. If it's on and there's still no text in the next stop box, this means the Easter Bunny has arrived in your area.

Since 2019, has exclusively partnered with the Easter Bunny's helpers to provide an insider look at the Easter Bunny's final preparations for 3 hours before liftoff. During final preparations (also known as pre-tracking), you'll get updates every 5 minutes straight from Easter Island on how the Easter Bunny is preparing for liftoff.

Once final preparations are complete and the Easter Bunny lifts off, the tracker will transition from final preparation mode into tracking mode.

In 2020, the Easter Bunny visited the islands of Kiribati and Tuvalu first, approximately 10-15 minutes after departure.

About 25 hours later, the Easter Bunny visited the islands of French Polynesia and the Pitcairn Islands before returning home to Easter Island.

Every year, the Easter Bunny usually follows this pattern for the first & last stop, but the specific stops may be different from year to year.

We use real-time satellite imagery, alongside traditional radar tracking and other modern technologies that allows us to track the Easter Bunny with extremely high accuracy. This allows us to bring you updates on the Easter Bunny's whereabouts every second!

We've continued to upgrade the technology we use so that our tracker can show more of the stops the Easter Bunny makes. For instance, in 2019, we detected about 400 stops, whereas in 2020 we detected about 600 stops. We expect to detect approximately 900-1000 stops in 2023 as we continue to upgrade our technology.

We continue to be the most accurate Easter Bunny Tracker on the planet with our highly advanced technology.

Nope! Since our inception we've had automatic updates just like the Google trackers. There's no need to set up any auto-refreshers.

This is a known issue with the Google Maps that we use when the page is zoomed in at higher than 100% zoom level (or your display is at a scale of 100% or higher). This issue only affects Chrome and browsers based on the Blink engine (the one Chrome uses).

We have a setting in the Map tab of settings where you can enable a setting to try and fix these lines. You'll see this come up if we detect you're using a browser effected by this.

We're also aware that Firefox on Desktop has a slight issue where the map "warps" when the Easter Bunny moves when the page is zoomed in.

As we continue to build new features into the tracker, using older devices with the tracker will usually result in some lag and generally be slower. If this is the case on your device, we recommend enabling the low performance mode default settings, which will try to lower the impact of the tracker CPU usage as much as possible.

Generally speaking, you should be able to use the tracker on any modern phone from 2017/2018 onward or a modern laptop from 2012-2013 onward without too much lag.

If going into low-performance settings doesn't do the trick, you can always search "easter bunny tracker live stream" on YouTube, and you'll usually find plenty of people streaming

When the Easter Bunny is travelling between two major cities, the Easter Bunny makes numerous stops in smaller towns & cities. Unfortunately, it's impossible to depict the Easter Bunny visiting every city on Earth.

If there are basket icons in your area, this means the Easter Bunny has likely visited your home.

After the Easter Bunny visits a city, you can click on the basket icon for more information about that city. You'll see the country flag, population, elevation, weather on arrival, and when the Easter Bunny arrived in the city.

You'll also see a quick exercept of the city from the corresponding Wikipedia article, with a source link to read more about the city.

We also include navigation arrows in the top of the popup window, so you can explore the Easter Bunny's route with ease. When the map is uncentered on the Easter Bunny (or when tracking is done), clicking on these navigation arrows will pan the map to the stop you're looking at.

The weather information that you see when learning more about a stop is accurate for when the Easter Bunny arrived at the stop. It doesn't automatically update unfortunately.

We couldn't fit "Weather on arrival" in the pop-up window, so we had to abbreviate it to "Weather".

Yes you can! In the Map Settings section of tracker preferences, there is an option to enable the Easter Bunny bouncing effect. When turned on, the effect will be visible while the Easter Bunny is moving during tracking.

Note: Enabling this option will consume more CPU power, in turn potentially reducing battery life on laptops & phones.

Accurate to within 15 minutes of the Easter Bunny's arrival time in Version 5 of We use your IP address to approximate when the Easter Bunny will arrive in your area, rather than using your precise location.

During tracking, you will see the arrival time decrease by half-hour increments. This changes to 15 minute increments in the final hour, up until 30 minutes from arrival.

When the Easter Bunny is in your area (give or take 10-15 minutes to when the Easter Bunny arrives at your house), the tracker will indicate that the Easter Bunny has arrived in your area.

After the Easter Bunny has left your area, the arrival text will go away.

Note: If you're using a VPN, you will have an arrival time estimate for wherever the VPN server is. For an accurate arrival estimate, turn off your VPN before loading the tracker.

Note: If you're using mobile data, your arrival estimate might be off by up to 30-60 minutes.

Whenever the Easter Bunny reaches a new stop, we will post updates to the @bunny_updates Twitter automatically, and general updates every 15-30 minutes to the @bunny_tracking Twitter. We have no plans to create a Facebook page at this time.

During tracking, we center the map on the Easter Bunny, which means you can't explore the map. You can uncenter the map by using the top icon in the icon stack in the bottom left of the tracker window. You can recenter the map on the Easter Bunny by clicking on the same icon again.

This icon won't appear during final preparations (the map is locked in place for final preparations), and when tracking is complete (the map is automatically uncentered once tracking is done).

Check the settings window to see if there's a warning about the tracker being unable to save your settings. If this is the case, you need to enable site storage in your browser settings so that the tracker can save your settings!

Not at this time. We are focused on developing as a great web app first and foremost so we can reach as many devices as possible. However, on both iOS and Android, you can add the tracker to your homescreen so it behaves like an app.

On iOS - click the Share button in Safari, then scroll down and click Add to Home Screen. The tracker will then get added to your homescreen and launch as a fullscreen app!

On Android (at least in Chrome) - click the three dots in the top right, then click Install. The tracker will install itself as an app on your homescreen.

When you add the tracker to your homescreen, your settings won't carry over from your browser and will start from fresh. Also note that the tracker is not a PWA (progressive web app), although we're looking to introduce support for this in v7 of the tracker.

The Easter Bunny Tracker will remain online until April 23, 2023 so that you can explore all the different places the Easter Bunny visited!

Easter Bunny FAQs

Yes - the Easter Bunny will make deliveries during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Easter Bunny is vaccinated (and boosted!), but nonetheless will continue to take safety seriously. The Easter Bunny will wear a mask during deliveries, wash their hands frequently, and stay socially distanced whenever possible.

Although we don't know the precise location of where the Easter Bunny lives, we presume that the Easter Bunny lives somewhere on Easter Island, and that's depicted in the tracker.

Similar to Santa Claus, we believe the Easter Bunny has helpers to decorate eggs, make baskets, and prepare the Easter Bunny for the big journey. Sometimes, these helpers are referred to as the "Easter Chicks".

We aren't sure how the Easter Bunny can travel around the world in a very short period of time. Similar to how Santa does it, modern science cannot explain how the Easter Bunny does it.

Yes. The Easter Bunny's helpers deliver the baskets and eggs to residents of Easter Island between 9 PM and 12 AM local time.

If you are using the tracker on Easter Island (kudos to you if you are!), the arrival estimate will likely be inaccurate.

We recommend that you don't try to catch the Easter Bunny! Similar to Santa Claus, trying to catch the Easter Bunny might mean the Easter Bunny won't deliver baskets and eggs!

The Easter Bunny doesn't require that you leave anything out to deliver your baskets & eggs. However, the Easter Bunny does enjoy eating carrots along the way, so that the Easter Bunny has the energy to stay on schedule!

During Easter 2022, we reported that the Easter Bunny delivered about 5.674 billion baskets to children all around the world. For Easter 2023, we expect this number to increase in correlation with Earth's increasing population.

During Easter 2022, we reported that the Easter Bunny eat about 47 million carrots during the journey, all so the Easter Bunny has the needed energy to deliver so many baskets to children around the world. We expect this number to increase for Easter 2023 as the Easter Bunny is also expected to deliver even more baskets!

During Easter 2022, we reported that the Easter Bunny travelled 470,000 km (262,000 mi) during the journey - which is the distance from the Earth to the Moon! What a well travelled Easter Bunny. As we increase our stop accuracy for 2023, we expect this number to also increase.

The Easter Bunny can travel anywhere from 750 mph (1200 km/h) in dense urban areas, to over 40,000 mph (64,000 km/h) when crossing oceans & lightly populated areas!

The Easter Bunny doesn't get any sleep during the Easter Weekend, as the Easter Bunny is up delivering baskets & eggs to children around the world.

However, the Easter Bunny does get a well deserved rest once the Easter Bunny's journey is done, and gets lots of rest throughout the rest of the year.

Not necessarily. The Easter Bunny will deliver baskets & eggs if you are not trying to catch the Easter Bunny but you're awake.

We still recommend going to sleep about an hour or two before the Easter Bunny arrives so you get enough rest for Easter morning!

Don't worry - the Easter Bunny makes sure that all deliveries are accounted for. The Easter Bunny will be sure to deliver goodies to you, even when you're not at home.

The Easter Bunny is estimated to be between 400 and 500 years old according to scientists. The Easter Bunny was born sometime in the 1500s/1600s, as stories about the Easter Bunny began to surface in the late 1600s. FAQs

Yes you can! You can customize how often the tracker updates. By default, the tracker updates the Easter Bunny marker at a rate of 5 FPS (frames/updates per second), and metrics at 10 FPS for v6.0.

You can customize the smoothness in 4 different levels. The update intervals for these settings are listed below:
  • None: Marker at 1 FPS, Metrics at 5 FPS (default prior to v5.6)
  • Smooth: Marker at 5 FPS, Metrics at 10 FPS
  • Smoother: Marker at 10 FPS, Metrics at 10 FPS
  • Smoothest: Marker at 20 FPS, Metrics at 20 FPS
Keep in mind a few additional notes:
  • Increased smoothness will increase your CPU usage, and on mobile devices, decrease battery life.
  • The distance from you metric is locked to the update rate of the marker.
  • The update frequencies have been changed from v5.6 to v6.

Beginning with v5.5.1, we condensed the info page so that acknowledgements, the license, and source links can be found in the FAQs.

Acknowledgements can be found by clicking here.

Beginning with v5.5.1, we condensed the info page so that acknowledgements, the license, and source links can be found in the FAQs. is licensed under the GNU AGPL v3.0 license. While you don't have to comply with the entire license to use the tracker, you agree that the tracker is provided as-is with no warranty, and that we can't be held liable for damages from using our tracker.

The full license text can be found by clicking here. uses the Google Fonts API to load in fonts. If your browser or network blocks, make sure this domain is unblocked. If you have a DNS blocker (such as Pi-hole), make sure this is also unblocked.

The fonts on the website might look slightly off due to your machine having the Roboto font installed. This is a known issue, and we're working to get this fixed.

Unfortunately, is only available in English. We don't have any plans to natively translate the tracker into other languages at this time.

If you can't use the tracker in English, we recommend using a browser that has translation functionalities built in (such as Google Chrome and Safari 14 or higher). Keep in mind that your tracking experience may be degraded by using automatic translating. is all about the tracking experience first and foremost. We're focused on building the best Easter Bunny Tracker we can, and that comes at the cost of having no games or other fun content surrounding the website.

Building games into would take time away from development, leading to a worse quality tracker. We recommend that you visit other websites for Easter-related games, then come back to to track the Easter Bunny!

You can stream to any streaming service you wish, and post videos about You can monetize your live streams if you so desire.

We no longer require that you attribute the tracker link, as we did in 2019 for the first run. However, we still recommend that you put the link to in your stream description, as we continue to be discovered as an alternative Easter Bunny Tracker.

If you are streaming the tracker online, we have a set of optimal livestreaming settings that we think provide the best experience for others to view online. You can find these settings under the Reset Settings section of tracker preferences.

If you're streaming the tracker via an OBS browser window, we recommend clearing out the custom CSS that OBS automatically puts in a browser window. You can do this by right clicking the Browser Source, going to properties, and clearing the field.

You can also set the zoom level of the tracker via OBS Custom CSS, using this code:

body {zoom: 125%}

You can replace the 125% zoom level with a zoom level you think works best for your stream.

Yes! We now have a new icon assets page where you can download the icons for the logo in a variety of sizes.

You can find the new icon assets page here:

Yes - is open source. We released our source code so that a larger community of people could inspect, improve, and work on the tracker code.

Please note that the tracker code online is based on Version 5.5.1 for the 2021 run and is a very hard codebase to understand. We will be releasing the Version 6.0 codebase in April 2023.

You can find the tracker's source code on GitLab:

Note: With Version 6.0 we will move to a less strict GPL license. Information about this change will be announced when v6.0 is released.

Yes, but with one big caveat. is licensed under the GNU AGPL v3.0 license, which requires you to pay your changes forward. If you use our source code, modify it, then release your tracker to the public, you are legally required to make your modified source code available (on GitLab, GitHub, etc) under the GNU AGPL v3.0 license, and document changes made.

The same principle applies if you incorporate the tracker code under a larger system, in that you are required to release the source code for that larger system (exceptions are made for integrating the tracker into a CMS system such as WordPress, Drupal, etc) under GNU AGPL v3.0. If you're confused about if you need to release your larger system's source code, get in touch with us and we can work things out.

We do not give paid exceptions to anyone regarding not releasing modified source code. launched in 2019 with a mission to revolutionize Easter Bunny Tracking. We believed the world deserved better when it came to Easter Bunny Tracking - and wanted to make an Easter Bunny Tracker similar in quality to NORAD & Google's Santa Trackers.

Before 2019, Easter Bunny Tracking was limited to one or two websites that constantly crashed, didn't have live updates, required refreshing to get the latest updates, no moving maps, and seemed to focus more about the experience around Easter Bunny Tracking rather than the tracker itself.

In 2019, we revolutionized Easter Bunny Tracking with Version 3. For the first time in history, anyone could track the Easter Bunny in real-time, with a moving map, and pre-tracking. We focused heavily on building the logic for a real-time Easter Bunny Tracker, which meant the tracker design was quite barebones (which many of our users pointed out!). Nonetheless, we showed off what was possible with the future of Easter Bunny Tracking. We even got a nice amount of traffic - about 4,000 hits over 28 hours of tracking.

In 2020, we built on the foundation from Version 3, and revolutionized Easter Bunny Tracking again with Version 4. With a brand new material design, tracker customization that had never been seen before, estimated arrival times for the Easter Bunny, built-in information about the Easter Bunny's stops, enhanced mobile usability, and tons of new features, the future of Easter Bunny Tracking came to life. All these improvements mean we grew by a whopping 850% compared to 2019's run of, with a total of 35,000 hits and 14,000 unique visitors from around the world.

For 2021, we focused on making a more refined, customizable, and better tracker with Version 5. With new features such as metric customization, metrics on mobile devices, more accurate Easter Bunny arrival estimates, better stop detection, map customization, better localization, these small changes meant that we grew by nearly 300% to post 102,000 hits during the course of tracking.

While 2022 was the year we rested on our laurels, we still made some improvements to the tracker - like flags in last seen/next stop, smooth movement, and other minor improvements. But so did the other trackers, and for the fourth year running, we continued to provide a world-class tracking experience. This meant the tracker posted 127,000 hits, a growth of 124% from the year before.

For 2023, we're focused on remaking the tracker foundation and preparing it for the years ahead as we continue to grow into the second most popular Easter Bunny Tracker on the planet. With a brand new UI and new features such as depicting stop arrivals & loads of improvements, we're excited to see where the tracker goes this year!

Although we may not be the first nor the biggest Easter Bunny Tracker, we're certainly the best Easter Bunny Tracker on the internet. We constantly innovate year-over-year to create the best tracking experience possible. Our tracker has grown tremendously in terms of hits in the past 4 years, and we're just getting started.

We hope that you continue to support in the coming years!

If you've watched eastmountainfilms' tracking streams on YouTube, then you know the person who made! I entered into the tracking community in December 2017 to try and solve a similar problem with Easter Bunny Tracking - the lack of good quality Santa Tracking streams online.

I started with my Santa Tracker 2017 stream which attracted over 120,000 views, continuing that success in 2018 & 2019 with over 250,000 views combined across the three years.

When it came to Easter Bunny Tracking, I was introduced to it after the ST 2017 stream. I was planning to use TheCPTrackers for my 2018 Easter Bunny Tracker stream, but it went down a few weeks before Easter 2018. Track Easter Bunny was the only alternative - and I absolutely hated the site. So, I did what any developer does - I made my own Easter Bunny Tracker.

My 2018 EBT stream used a very hacky custom tracker made with WordPress, but hey, it did the job and worked! Most importantly, it was better than Track Easter Bunny. I wanted to continue down this road of a custom tracker in 2019, making a fully-fledged one with a moving map, which eventually turned into making the custom tracker public, which became, and the rest is history! has been made as one of my independent projects. I've worked on a large chunk of the tracker, alongside members of the East's Tracking Discord who have worked on various aspects of the tracker on their own time. One of the goals of TEBCC (the abbreviation of was to make it a good web app using native technologies, and make it compatible on 99% of devices around. This is why you can use with the Nintendo Switch built-in browser (and it works!!).

I'm incredibly honored to see how far has already come in just two years of operation - and I can't wait to see how far it goes in the future. I hope you can support the tracker in the future!

For the first four years of operation, ads were never a part of I wanted to provide the best possible experience for Easter Bunny Tracking without having ugly, intrusive ads on the website (along with being yet another place for ads to track you). I still believe not having ads was paramount to our growth, as it allowed for a truly great tracker design with no intrusive ads, unlike some other websites that track the Easter Bunny.

Unfortunately, as the tracker has grown, so have the costs associated with it. The primary cost of the tracker is the Google Maps we use, as they bill per map load past 28,000 hits (and we've exceeded this for 3 years running). After two consecutive years with tracker costs at almost $1,000, I made the decision to put ads on the tracker. It's clear that I can no longer cover these costs every year, and ads need to help claw back some of the costs the tracker incurs.

I put as few ads as possible in the tracker (namely just at the bottom of the tracker for this year) and made it easily dismissable just so they aren't too annoying. Nonetheless, I do encourage you to donate to the tracker on Ko-fi (especially if you use ad-blockers!)

Orthodox Easter FAQs

Orthodox Easter is a holiday celebrated by Orthodox Christians to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. The date for Orthodox Christian date for Easter generally occurs later than the Easter date observed by western churches, as it is celebrated on the Easter Sunday date in the Julian calendar, compared to the Gregorian calendar for western Easter.

Orthodox Easter celebrate "the miracle of Easter" on the Easter Sunday date in the Julian calendar. Preparations for Orthodox Easter begin with 40 days of strict fasting before Easter Sunday. Additionally, many Orthodox Christians attend liturgies during the Holy Week that leads up to Easter Sunday.

It is known that the Easter Bunny makes a second journey around the world for people who observe Orthodox Easter, delivering baskets & eggs in a similar fashion to that of Western Easter, even though an Easter Bunny is not widely associated with Orthodox Easter.

In 2022, Orthodox Easter occurs on Sunday, April 16, 2022. This is 1 week after Western Easter. provides a sister service known as to track the Easter Bunny's second run for Orthodox Easter. As such, sometimes the Easter Bunny is referred to as the Orthodox Easter Bunny during this second run. However, it is the same Easter Bunny doing the deliveries.

Unfortunately, we will close down this site in 2023 due to low usage and the need to stand up nearly identical infrastructure to (which takes a lot of time). Please visit the homepage for more information.

For 2022, the Easter Bunny will start making final preparations for the Orthodox Easter run on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 2:00 AM EDT, and we will start the Orthodox Easter Bunny Tracker at this time. These final preparations will take three hours.

The Easter Bunny will lift off from Easter Island for the Orthodox Easter run on April 15, 2023 at 5:00 AM EDT, and we'll start tracking the Easter Bunny's movements at this time!

The Easter Bunny will return back home to Easter Island from the Orthodox Easter run on April 16, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT.

Both of the trackers will be virtually the same. We plan to reflect a lower baskets delivered count in Since Orthodox Easter has a strong connection to Greece, we plan to show more stops in Greece compared to the normal Easter Bunny Tracker.

We welcome any other suggestions on how we can differentiate the Orthodox Easter Bunny Tracker.

Santa FAQs

At this time, we're only focused on building the best Easter Bunny Tracker that we can. There are plenty of great Santa Trackers on the internet for you to use, and we've linked a few below that we like.

NORAD Tracks Santa:
Google Santa Tracker:

If you're interested in building your own Santa Tracker based on, you can always use our source code and make modifications to turn it into a Santa Tracker!

Support FAQs

If you're having trouble with, you can contact us on Twitter (through mentioning us, or with direct message), or via email. It's entirely up to you which communication method you prefer!

Our Twitter handle is @bunny_tracking.

Our support email address is support (at) easterbunny (dot) cc.

When requesting support, make sure to include as much detail as possible. The more detail you include, the faster we'll be able to solve your problem!

If you contact us, we may ask for diagnostic information about your device. In the final FAQ for this section, you'll find the Diagnostic Information you'll need to copy and send back to us.

We do our best to respond to support inquries in a timely fashion. During tracking, we'll usually respond to any inqueries within a couple of hours Outside of tracking, you can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

If you believe you found a bug in, make sure you report it to us so we can fix the issue!

You can report it using one of the support methods listed above (although email is preferred for bug reports). Make sure you include as much detail as possible - where the bug is, how to cause the bug, etc. In addition, attach the diagnostic information listed below.

Before sending in your report, you'll want to make sure this bug can be reproduced (sometimes computers are weird, and one-off bugs occur). Additionally, check our Known Issues page to make sure the bug you're reporting isn't a known issue.

Note: If you report a bug during tracking, or up to 6 hours before tracking, we won't be able to fix the bug, unless it severely impacts tracker functionality. Bugs reported then will be fixed for the next version of

If you're asked to provide diagnostic information, copy & paste the text formatted as code below. Make sure you do this on the device that you're having issues on.

Browser: Loading...
OS: Loading...
Device Type: Loading...
Device Time: Loading...
Window Size: Loading...

If the Browser, OS, and/or Device Type doesn't look right, we kindly ask for you to manually correct the affected fields before replying with your diagnostic information.

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