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Easter Bunny Tracker - FAQs

Last updated: March 25, 2020

Hi! You've got questions about our Easter Bunny tracker, and we've got answers.
Please note: These FAQs reflect changes made in the upcoming Version 4 of, which is in development.

When does the Easter Bunny start and end his journey?

For 2020, the Easter Bunny will start making final preparations on April 11, 2020 at 2:00 AM EDT. These final preparations will take three hours.

The Easter Bunny will lift off from Easter Island on April 11, 2020 at 5:00 AM EDT.

The Easter Bunny will return back home to Easter Island on April 12, 2020 at 6:00 AM EDT.

When will the Easter Bunny visit my house?

The Easter Bunny will arrive at your home sometime between 9 PM and 2 AM local time. Make sure that you are asleep when he comes, as if you are not, the Easter Bunny may not be able to deliver your baskets and eggs.

You can keep tabs on when the Easter Bunny is estimated to arrive in the next stop box. If there is no arrival estimate, check the tracker settings to ensure that the Easter Bunny arrival estimate is enabled. If it's on and there's still no text in the next stop box, this usually means that the Easter Bunny visited your area according to our estimates.

What's the first and last place the Easter Bunny visits?

In 2019, the Easter Bunny visited the islands of Kiribati and Tuvalu first, and visited the Hawaiian islands last before returning home to Easter Island. We expect the Easter Bunny to do the same this year, but we cannot be 100% sure.

How are you tracking the Easter Bunny?

We use real-time satellite imagery alongside a variety of modern technologies that allows us to track the Easter Bunny with extremely high accuracy. This allows us to bring you updates on the Easter Bunny's whereabouts every second.

Is the Easter Bunny still going to make deliveries even with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

Yes. The Easter Bunny plans to make all deliveries while taking precautions to stay healthy during his journey.

Where does the Easter Bunny live?

It isn't known exactly where the Easter Bunny lives. However, we are confident that the Easter Bunny likely lives somewhere around Easter Island.

Does the Easter Bunny have helpers?

Similar to Santa Claus, we believe that the Easter Bunny has helpers to decorate eggs, make baskets, and prepare the Easter Bunny for his journey.

How does the Easter Bunny travel around the world in a day?

We are not sure how the Easter Bunny can travel around the world in a very short period of time. Similar to Santa, modern science cannot explain how the Easter Bunny does it.

Does the Easter Bunny deliver baskets and eggs to those on Easter Island?

Yes. The Easter Bunny's helpers deliver the baskets and eggs to residents of Easter Island between 9 PM and 12 AM local time.

How can I catch the Easter Bunny?

We recommend that you do not try to catch the Easter Bunny, as the Easter Bunny can tell if you are trying to catch him. If the Easter Bunny detects that you're trying to catch him, he may not visit your house to deliver your eggs and baskets.

Should I leave anything out for the Easter Bunny?

The Easter Bunny does not require you to leave anything for him to receive eggs and baskets. However, the Easter Bunny does enjoy snacking on carrots whenever possible.

Do I need to refresh the page to get the latest location of the Easter Bunny?

Nope! The tracker will automatically update with the latest information available on the Easter Bunny's whereabouts, so there is no need to worry about setting up auto-refresh plugins.

Why are there grey squares on the map? It's annoying!

This is a known issue with the Google Maps that we use. It happens when the page is zoomed in at higher than 100%. The higher the zoom level, the more noticeable these lines are. It is most noticeable in the dark street map, and in the satellite or hybrid map as well.

On desktop, you can solve this issue by making sure the page zoom is at 100%, or as close to 100% as possible. On mobile and some tablets, there is no way to fix this, as by default the browser will be zoomed in.

We're also aware of an issue in Firefox Desktop where the map "warps" whenever the Easter Bunny moves.

The tracker is laggy on my device! What's going on?

On older devices, we are aware that the tracker is generally slower because there are more features this year. If the tracker is running slowly for you, and you're on a less powerful device, we recommend turning off the bouncing effect for the Easter Bunny, and switching your map mode to Street. You may want to consider closing out all other applications on your device, as this may free up resources so that the tracker can run more smoothly.

You can also go onto YouTube and watch live streams of the tracker. Search for "2020 easter bunny tracker live stream" to find live streams that you might like.

The Easter Bunny forgot to visit my city! What happened?

When the Easter Bunny is travelling between two major cities, he makes numerous stops in smaller towns and cities. Our tracker only focuses on the Easter Bunny's major stops, as showing all of his stops in every town and city would be impossible.

How can I learn more about the cities that the Easter Bunny stops in?

After the Easter Bunny visits a city, you can click on the basket icon to learn more about that city. A pop-up window will appear, showing the population, elevation, weather on arrival, and arrival time of the city. Additionally, a quick description from Wikipedia is shown, with a link to the full Wikipedia article for the city if you would like to learn even more.

Why isn't the weather in the stop information updating?

The weather information that you see in the stop data when clicking on a basket is for when the Easter Bunny arrives at the stop. It does not dynamically update.

We could not reasonably fit the text "Weather on arrival" in the pop-up, so we had to abbreviate it down to "Weather".

How many baskets does the Easter Bunny deliver?

The Easter Bunny delivers billions of baskets to children all around the world. This year, we expect the Easter Bunny to deliver between 4 and 4.5 billion baskets.

Can I make the Easter Bunny bounce on the tracker?

Yes, you can! To enable this option, click the button with a cog icon in the bottom left of the tracker. The tracker preferences window should appear. Click Map Settings, then find Easter Bunny bouncing effect. Click on the circle next to the text labelled On. Close out of the preferences window, and the bunny will bounce on the map during tracking! If you want to turn this off, repeat the same steps, but click on the circle next to the Off text instead.

Note: Enabling this option will consume more CPU power, thus potentially reducing battery life on laptops & phones.

How accurate is the Easter Bunny arrival time estimate?

We calculate the Easter Bunny arrival time estimation by using your IP address. The estimate is accurate to within about 150 km of your location.

It should be noted that if you are using a VPN, we will be calculating when the Easter Bunny arrives at the VPN server, instead of your location. In this case, you might want to turn the arrival time estimate feature off, as it may cause confusion. You can also turn off your VPN when you load the tracker, but then turn it back on when the tracker finishes loading.

Are all the Easter Bunny Tracker updates posted onto Twitter/Facebook?

Whenever the Easter Bunny reaches a new stop, we will post updates to the @bunny_updates Twitter automatically, and updates every 15-30 minutes to the @bunny_tracking Twitter. Unfortunately, we do not have a Facebook page this year, but we plan to look into this more in 2021.

I want to explore the map but it keeps recentering on the Easter Bunny! Why is this?

By default, the tracker is centered on the Easter Bunny. To uncenter the map on the Easter Bunny, click the top icon in the icon stack in the bottom left of the tracker window. You can recenter the map by doing this again.

Can I stream this tracker to YouTube/Twitch?

You can stream this tracker to any streaming service that you wish.

We no longer require that you attribute the website link in the description, as was the case in 2019. However, we still recommend putting the link to the tracker in the description, as some people may be unaware of, as it is a new tracker in the community.

If you are streaming the tracker online, we have some tools that will help you in streaming online! We have a set of optimal livestreaming settings, which we think are the best settings for streaming the tracker online. Under settings, you can find this option in reset settings. Additionally, as of v4.5.0, you can now set URL arguments to change settings, which is especially useful when streaming the tracker from an OBS browser source, for instance. More info about this can be found in settings under advanced settings.

Why is the settings window showing local storage unavailable?

This occurs when the local storage in your browser, which is used to save tracker preferences, is unavailable.
You can find more information about this issue at

Why are my settings not saving after I close and reopen my browser?

This is likely due to your browser having a setting to delete cookies and site data after you close the browser enabled. For more information, please use your preferred search engine.

The font looks weird (or isn't loading), why is this?

Sometimes when loading the website, the fonts served by the Google Fonts API might not load correctly. This usually happens because an adblocker (or DNS blocker like Pi-hole) blocks

Configure your blockers to not block, and try refreshing the page. Closing your browser down all the way and reopening it seems to help.

Is this tracker available in a language other than English?

Unfortunately, the tracker is only available in English for 2020. We planned to support other languages this year, but decided that it was not a high-priority issue. However, in 2021, we plan to natively support Spanish.

If you cannot use the tracker in English, we recommend using a browser such as Google Chrome, which can automatically translate the tracker to your native language.

Why are there no games on the website?'s core focus is on the tracker. We try to eliminate extra clutter so that our core product (the tracker) is the best that it can be.

If you want to play Easter Bunny-related games, please use a different website. Don't forget to come back here to track the Easter Bunny!

What's the story behind was created in 2019 with the intent of providing a simple and elegant Easter Bunny Tracker that is on par with the NORAD & Google Santa Trackers used during Christmas. Our first run in 2019 was a great success - we got just over 4,000 hits in a span of 28 hours of tracking. However, the tracking community was loud and clear that the tracker needed a lot of improvements, and we were nowhere near being a fully-featured tracker.

For our second run in 2020, we've focused on vastly improving the tracker from 2019, with lots of quality of life improvements that help to bring on par with NORAD & Google even further. The redesign of the tracker, native dark mode, estimated arrival time, stop info, and lots more help to create an unforgettable tracking experience that can even be considered better than NORAD & Google Santa Tracker in many ways.

We pride ourselves in being the only Easter Bunny Tracker that requires no refreshing, moves the map with the Easter Bunny, has pre-tracking, and is fast & lightweight on almost all devices. We hope to continue to provide this experience for years to come. If you enjoy our tracker, please consider telling your friends & family about us, so that they can experience our Easter Bunny Tracker.

How long will the Easter Bunny Tracker stay up after tracking is complete?

The Easter Bunny Tracker will stay online until May 1, 2020, so that you can explore all the places that the Easter Bunny went to.

I need technical support for the tracker! It isn't working properly!

We're happy to provide technical support if you experience any troubles while using the tracker. Just tweet at us (@bunny_tracking). You can use the link below to visit our profile.

Be sure to check the Known Issues page (available at to see if the issue you're having has already been noted. If your issue isn't on this page, please do Tweet or email us!

If you prefer not to use Twitter, you can also email the lead developer of the tracker, by emailing owen (at) easterbunny (dot) cc.

If you do get in touch with us, please provide this technical information about your OS/browser:
Browser: Loading...
OS: Loading...
Device Type: Loading...

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