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Easter Bunny Tracker - Explaining the Local Storage unavailable warning message

Last updated: April 7, 2020

If you are using the tracker and you come across this message in settings:

Warning: Local storage is unavailable. Changed settings will not persist with a refresh.

This means that the tracker is not able to save any changed settings. uses your browser's local storage to save tracker settings. Local storage helps us store tracker settings in an efficient way that persists across browser refreshes, etc.

However, the local storage in a browser can occasionally become unavailable for us to use. When local storage becomes unavailable, you can still change settings in the tracker, but if you refresh the tracker, or close out of it, those settings will be forgotten. Additionally, when the tracker loads, the default settings will be applied, as the tracker cannot access your personalized settings.

This happens most of the time for one of two reasons. The first reason is that you disabled websites from using local storage in your browser. If you do remember turning off local storage at some point, we suggest you try turning it back on, and using your preferred search engine to help. If you don't recall turning off local storage in your browser, continue reading on.

The second reason that local storage can become unavailable for us to use is a bug in the browser, or due to the way a browser is designed. We've noted three relatively frequent occasions when this occurs. Firefox for Android has about a 0.01-0.1% chance to throw errors that prevent us from accessing local storage. If you're using Firefox for Android and you get this error message, restarting your phone will resolve the issue.

We're also aware that using Safari in private browsing mode can result in this error message being displayed. If this does occur, exiting private browsing mode will restore local storage functionality.

If you use a browser that wipes all data after you close out of it, you might also see this local storage unavailable message. Just note that using these browsers means that after you close out of the browser, any personalized settings will be lost. The solution to this is to use a browser that does not wipe all data after you close out of it.

Once you've completed some of the troubleshooting steps above, you'll want to return to this page (, and make sure that the message at the top of the page says that local storage is available.

If you're still having troubles with getting local storage to work, or if you have any questions, please feel free to tweet at us (@bunny_tracking). We'll do our best to answer your questions and provide technical support.

If you prefer to use email, send us an email to our support address: support (at) easterbunny (dot) cc

If you do end up requesting technical support, please provide these details about your browser and OS:
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Device type:

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