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Easter Bunny Tracker - Icon Assets

Last updated: April 7, 2020

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If you are looking to use the site icon for use in thumbnails for videos, or other purposes, you can find icons with different resolutions on this page.

The icon for is based on a freeware icon that allows for commercial usage, so you should have no issues using the icon in monetized videos, etc.

We have a variety of icon sizes available in PNG format.

Quick note: The Apple icons that are used on this page (180x180, 152x152, 120x120, 114x114, 76x76, 60x60, 57x57 all have white backgrounds. Just take note.)
Additionally, the MS Tile icons (310x310, 150x150 and 70x70) have white backgrounds with the bunny icon smaller.

450x450 - Click here
384x384 - Click here
310x310 - Click here
256x256 - Click here
192x192 - Click here
180x180 - Click here
152x152 - Click here
150x150 - Click here
144x144 - Click here
128x128 - Click here
120x120 - Click here
114x114 - Click here
96x96 - Click here
76x76 - Click here
72x72 - Click here
70x70 - Click here
64x64 - Click here
60x60 - Click here
57x57 - Click here
48x48 - Click here
36x36 - Click here
32x32 - Click here
16x16 - Click here


If you have any questions about using icons for thumbnails, or if a link is incorrect/invalid on this page, please contact us! You can tweet at us (@bunny_tracking), or email our support address: support (at) easterbunny (dot) cc

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